Earth: 9000 Press Kit

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Fact Sheet

Back of the Box

Earth: 9000 a new indie Bullet Hell, Twin Stick, Rogue-Lite mashup. You command Earth and all her defenses. Your mission; stop a never ending onslaught of alien invaders and try to keep your mind intact while your senses are brutally overwhelmed.

Unlock dozens of weapons and even more upgrades as you gain research from defeating enemies and special events. You will be defeated, but that isn't the end, our patented Reali-time-nsion technology sends your research, weapons and upgrades to a new Earth ready to defend itself once again, but this time with the advantages of everything you've unlocked before.

  • Defend the Earth: You can't move the Earth, but you can use its shielding technology to defend in the 8 cardinal directions allowing you to stop incoming enemy projectiles. 30 different weapons give you many ways to go on the offensive, but the weapons are also critical to your defense, stopping shots, mind controlling ships, disabling enemies and replenishing ammo and shields.

  • Overwhelming the Senses: Clouds of gaseous debris and huge explosions and their blooms of light erupt from the alien ships as they're destroyed. All while projectiles fly in every direction over the beautifully painted spacial backgrounds.

  • The Onslaught: The Alien Fleet is made up of 20 different types of enemy ships, some more difficult to defeat than others. Every enemy ship type is different, some blocking your shots, others teleport out of harms way, while some fire relentlessly. Periodically while defending the Earth, unexpected events occur, like an asteroid storm, an ambush of cruisers or an assault of deadly missiles.

  • Technological Terror: As you progress through waves of enemies you earn research that allows you to choose from dozens of upgrades. Increase your ammo regeneration, increase damage of weapon types, boost pickup returns, increase the speed of you tractor beams. Many upgrades boost your stats, but some improve your HUD while others change gameplay of weapons and other features.

  • Death and Back: It's inevitable that Earth will be overwhelmed and you'll be defeated. However, all the weapons you've unlocked and your upgrades will remain intact for the Earth in that neighboring dimension. Use the Time Compression and Advancement switches on your main console to skip to your best wave, with a little set back or play through at double speed, creating a very intense challenge.

  • Old and New: Earth: 9000 has a retro feel but with modern game design sensibilities. Don't let it fool you, there's an intense amount of depth and thousands of way to play. After just a short time, it'll remind you of classic science fiction battles, naval combat, shooters, hack and slash, dungeon crawlers but with this defensive twist.

Who is SFG?

Secret Forest Games was founded by Steve Caywood in 2019 with the goal of making indie games, selling at least dozens of copies and retiring.

As a Game Designer for the last 20 years, mostly at small to medium size developers, I've shipped over twenty titles of nearly every genre. The trick with those small to medium size developers; you never have all the bodies you need to get the job done. Designers are either disposable enough or flexible enough that you can throw them at tasks you don't have a specific guy for. 

So after all that time, all those titles and experience with nearly every discipline it seemed possible to go off solo and try and do the indie thing. Possible, yes. Profitable? Eh...the jury is still out.

So here I sit, in my Secret Forest, surrounded by suburbia outside of Atlanta. COVID is still rolling around and making a mess, my family is home with me doing school and work themselves while I'm making games.  

As for what SFG wants to make? Games that surprise you with how deep they go. Games that make you want more. Games that are familiar but different. Games where the deciding factor is "is this fun?".





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