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Earth: 9000

New indie game Earth: 9000 for PC releasing in early summer of 2020. Yes that soon!


Earth: 9000 a new indie Bullet Hell, Twin Stick, Rogue-Lite mashup. You take the role of the Earth defending itself against a never ending onslaught of alien invaders.  You'll unlock dozens of weapons and even more upgrades as you gain research from defeating enemies. You'll certainly be defeated, but that isn't the end, our patented Reali-time-nsion technology sends your research, weapons and upgrades to a new Earth ready to defend itself once again, but this time with the advantages of everything you've unlocked before.

(Yes, Earth: 9000 used to be called something else, but we wanted to avoid imperial entanglements so we boiled it to something sweeter!)

Our Other Games


Evil-ish...you're a captured baby Cthulian monster in a combat and action focused platformer. Take control of other monsters, demons and undead to break free of these disgusting humans. 

We're currently seeking a publisher for Evil-ish so we can launch strong and with plenty of awareness. 

We're also on the lookout for 2D artists who are looking to contribute to the game.

Isabelle Fine

Isabelle Fine; a space faring, time traveling, dimension jumping smart mouth is off on her first adventure. First, "documented," adventure at least, she's had a ton of adventures up until now. This new adventure should be just like any other, save some lives, save the universe. Simple, but things don't quite go as planned. Do they ever?

Available now on Steam for PC.